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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,
Sometimes our life sails smoothly and we feel quite happy and satisfied. Our life keeps moving ahead in the right direction and there are no hurdles in our path. When we are going through such a good phase in our life all our plans materialize quickly. We may never have the feeling of being caught in a rut. Everything seems to be hunky dory. In such good phases of our life, there are positive energies around us. So neither do we ever feel blue nor frustrated.
However, it may happen somehow that these positive energies get replaced by the negative ones and everything becomes topsy turvy, all of a sudden.
As far as the positive and negative energies are concerned we n
eed to understand them in a clear cut way. There is no need to confuse this concept by looking at it from other perspectives than the Islamic one. In simple words, the energies which are transmitted to us by the Quranic verses, as in a Ruqyah, are positive energies. Therefore, these positive energies can be healing and they are utilized by the Raqis (spiritual healers) in curing the patients.
On the other hand, the energies which are evil and which belong to Satan or his companions can be clubbed together as the negative energies.  Such negative energies also include the evil jinnat/devils, which are subservient to Satan and his companions, such as black magicians and are at their beck and call. Such evil jinnat possess negative energies as they are not followers of Allah (swt) but they are the followers of Satan. They have no fear of Allah (swt) and they can bring bad luck to their target at the instance of a black magician. When we hear someone say that his or her success has been blocked by negative energies then this statement implies that the person is under the negative influence of black magic devils, which spread negative energies in the life of any innocent person. By doing so they not just block their victim’s success in life but they can also affect the other aspects of his life, such as his health, family life, reputation, sanity, marriage etc. The black magic devils are ruthless and stubborn and they do not hesitate in even taking their target’s life if they are ordered to do so by a black magician.
If a person meets with a car accident then his friends and acquaintances might say that, “He had a stroke of bad luck on that fateful day. There were others with him as well in his car but all of them managed to escape unhurt”.
 If we analyze this situation then we may realize that mishaps such as these are caused only as a result of either evil eye or black magic, where the black magician wants his victim to become crippled.
Here is a hadith to substantiate my point:
The author of Nayl-a-Awtar said that Al-Bazzar narrated with a hasan isnad i.e. sound chain of narrators from Jabir (ra) that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Most of those who die amongst my Ummah (followers) die because of the Will and Decree of Allah and then because of evil eye’.
The evil eye which can affect us to such a great extent is of two types. Firstly, it can be caused by human beings and secondly it can be caused by the jinnat. So what appears to be a stroke of bad luck are actually negative energies or the black magic jinnat who try to harm their victim.
A problem recognized is a problem half-solved. Therefore, if we know the actual reason behind our so-called bad luck then we can also be able to do away with our problems. However, if we do not try to strike at the root cause of our bad luck then we can never get rid of it.
Further in this blog, I shall Inshallah discuss about the other facets of bad luck and how can we emerge triumphant.
remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Assalam oalaikum,

As I have discussed in my previous post, bad luck is primarily associated with the evil eye and black magic. There are umpteen effects of such black magic/ evil eye induced bad luck. The list is quite exhaustive. However, I shall try to mention as many as possible in this post. The umpteen e
ffects will give you a fair idea about the extent to which one’s life may get ruined by the black magic induced bad luck.
However, I can only tell you about the effects of bad luck but it is up to you try to understand them and differentiate them from normal incidences. A certain amount of experience and reasoning may help you to understand whether the problems which you are facing have got any thing to do with black magic or not.

For example, not many people know that one of the symptoms of black magic is the appearance of black or blue bruises. Whenever such a bruise appears on the skin a novice tries to ignore it as a normal bruise. However, lack of awareness about black magic can prove to be dangerous. When a bruise appears due to black magic, people who do not know about this symptom of black magic simply ignore it. However, they do not stop and think that how can a bruise appear on the skin all of a sudden, without their getting hurt. Under normal circumstances, blue and black bruises can appear either due to a bump or a fall. However, the people who suffer from black magic simply ignore this symptom, thereby, alleviating their problem, due to lack of awareness.

According to a hadith, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘A believer is not bitten from the same hole twice’. (Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad and Abu Daood). This hadith shows that a Muslim should be very cautious and if he gets tricked once by his enemies then he should not fall into the trap again. So if a person is harmed by some envious enemy, through black magic, so he should try to seek protection from black magic’s harmful effects so that if the enemy strikes back again then the person will not get harmed. In a nutshell, protecting oneself from black magic induced bad luck requires awareness about black magic, caution and seeking protection from black magic.
Here is another example: when a spell is cast on a victim to ruin his health by causing cancer of some other dreadful disease then the first trick which is used by the black magic jinnat is to weaken their victim’s immune system. Unless the immune system is affected and weakened the body can easily protect it self from diseases. Therefore, the cunning jinnat employed by the black magicians try every trick in the book to change the diet patterns of the victim. They may send thoughts across his or her mind to make him start eating less on some pretext or the other.  Lack of proper nourishment may weaken the immune system, thereby, making the victim susceptible to life-threatening diseases. The evil forces such as the black magic jinnat cannot actually stop one from eating by using force just like they cannot stop a person from offering Salaah by using force. Instead, they use cunning tactics for stopping a person from offering Salaah such as putting thoughts into his mind, such as, ‘There is a lot of pending work on hand, so finish that first’. Or else they may dissuade a person by sending thoughts such as, ‘You know that so many hypocrites also offer Salaah just to show people that they are very pious. So why do you try to be so punctual in offering Salaah when such evil sort of people are also offering Salaah in a punctual way?’ Likewise, they can prevent a person from eating properly by using such cunning tactics.

Therefore, one should be vigilant as well as aware about the cunning ploys of Satan and his companions who can try to bring bad luck on their victims through black magic.
Here are some of the umpteen effects of bad luck induced by black magic:
Career gets jeopardized and income blocked
Chronic health problems and constant headaches.
Depression and suicidal tendencies
Problems in getting a suitable marriage proposal
Marital discord
Difficulty in conceiving a child
Abnormal behavior
Unnatural death
Disruption, irregularity or painful periods.
Medicines become ineffective which makes the doctors use strong medicines.
Disabled children
Loss of appetite.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the ice berg.
There are far too many problems associated with black magic. However, the main point which one should bear in mind is that bad luck induced by black magic is like a disease, which if not detected in its initial stage, can spread and cause much harm. Therefore, awareness, caution and seeking protection from black magic is the best formula which can help us tide over the crisis of bad luck.  
remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Assalam oalaikum,

In my previous post, I had mentioned about the effects of black magic induced bad luck. The negative energies which are channeled towards the victim can block his or her financial success, happiness, marital bliss and many other aspects of life such as education, intellect, reputation, children, health, sanity etc.
In many cases, when people suffer from such problems in life they attribute them to their bad luck, sins done in the past, their own wrong decisions or to some superstition. They often fail to get to the bottom of their problem and do not seek help from a spiritual healer. The outcome is that their problem gets aggravated due to delay and by the time they decide to seek help it becomes too late.
In simple words, the many victims of black magic induced bad luck do not recognize their problem and as I have said before that a problem recognized is a problem almost half-solved. So their problem is left unattended just like an open sore. Without a timely treatment, an open sore may get infected and the bacteria from the environment may attack it and worsen it. Likewise, the problem of a novice victim of black magic also gets worsened. If there is no anti-bacterial cream and bandage on the wound the infection may become severe. Likewise the novice victim who does not understand his own problem and does not seek spiritual help also becomes a soft target for the black magic jinnat. Since such a victim does not have any protection so it becomes easier for the jinnat to attack him repeatedly just like the bacteria easily attack an open wound.

 Therefore, in the present times, when black magic has become rampant and it has reached its zenith, just like science and technology, it is quite risky for us to be unaware of this dark truth of life. The reason why I have said that black magic has reached its peak in the present times is that in the olden times people feared Allah (swt) and they did not attack their victims persistently like they do these days.  The reason behind the increase in black magic related activities can be attributed to the rise in materialism. The western concept of materialism has lead to unnecessary competition and conflict. This is turn gives rise to envy and jealousy. The people are constantly vying to outdo each other. Instead of feeling happy on seeing their brethren succeed they feel resentful about it. This situation has increased the use of black magic as a weapon to rob others of their wealth, happiness, health etc and to stay ahead in competition.

Getting back to the original point now I would like to enlighten my readers about the main signs of black magic, which if ignored, can lead to a traumatic situation. I shall start from the apparently insignificant signs which are sometimes completely ignored due to lack of awareness, by the victims. If these signs are taken lightly then they may help in the perpetuation of black magic, thereby bringing on bad luck.
Twitching of one’s eyebrow or the eye is a sign which is related to black magic. It shows that some spiritual entity (jinnat) suing force to enter the victim’s body. If the victim observes carefully then he or she may notice that such a twitching is often followed by an evil thought. This shows that the jinn has managed to intrude into the victim’s mind.
A jerk in any part of the body without any apparent reason is a sign of black magic also. It means that a black magic jinn is trying to enter into the body of its target. Things which may happen with a sound reason can be considered to be natural. However, if a person is lying down and suddenly he experiences a jerk in his hand feet or elsewhere then what can possibly be the reason behind this? Those who do not understand the basics of black magic will try to find some or the other so-called scientific reason behind such an uncanny jerk. However, the truth remains that simply because we are unable to see the jinnat, souls or other supernatural elements such as the angels does not mean that they do not exist. The belief in the Unseen or Ghaib is one of the basic tenets of Islam. So if a person tries to falsify  the existence of such supernatural elements then he will be doing this at his own risk
Nightmares are also related to black magic and they are also a sign for us to become cautious. Otherwise how can one explain the reason why some of us see graveyards, snakes, scorpions, filthy toilets, or simply faeces, etc in our dreams when we might not have thought about them even once during the daytime.  I have explained the concept of dream in my blog HYPERLINK "" . I have also explained that each dream has a meaning, however insignificant it may seem to be. So if we happen to see dreams which are scary or which leave us tensed then this is a sure shot sign that some negative energies are being directed towards by a black magician.
All of us know that if we fall down somewhere or if we get a bump then a black or blue bruise appears on the skin. Since such a bruise is preceded by a fall so it quite painful. However, how can one explain a black, prominent bruise on the body which is not painful at all? If we think hard we will notice that the bruise appears without our getting hurt anywhere. Such inexplicable bruises can be attributed to black magic and they are caused by the aggressive jinnat.

According to forensic science, each criminal leaves a trace behind. It is the duty of the forensic trace evidence examiner to analyze the crime scene and to detect those traces to crack the case. Likewise, the black magic jinnat also leave a trace behind. This includes the signs which that I have mentioned above. Now it is up to the victim whether he seeks the help of a spiritual healer to solve the black magic case or else he prefers to shut his eyes to these signs and let the problem be aggravated.
The choice is entirely his!
remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Assalam oalaikum,

If someone wins a jackpot, a trip to an exotic destination or a lottery then that person is considered to be lucky amongst his friends and acquaintances. At some other times we find people who get almost everything that a person can ask for. They may be blessed with a good career, marital bliss, obedient children; a loving and supportive extended family, loyal friends, fame and a smoothly sailing life. Such people experience good luck in a general sense as opposed to the one-time good luck in the earlier case which I have mentioned. Similarly, if a rich and healthy person meets with an accident; gets hospitalized and recovers after some time it may be considered to be a one-time bad luck. Or else let us take the example of a student, who after completion of his studies may apply for training in some reputed companies. He may be turned down by a company initially.  However, after a few attempts he manages to get training in a good company. So his initial failure was just a one-time bad luck. Now the case of ongoing bad luck is different. It may happen when the po
or guy keeps running from pillar to the post in search of training but does not find one. All his friends would be on their way to becoming professionals and he would be the only one left out. Then suppose he manages to get trained somewhere then the same problem will crop up again when he starts looking for a good job. Despite having a good qualification and training the guy may not get a job anywhere. Suppose, he manages to get a job but it will not be long before he loses that job. If you identify yourself with this guy then, undoubtedly, you are a victim of ongoing bad luck. This type of bad luck is not experienced naturally, for sure. After all how can one explain the fact that a guy who has the required skills for a particular job gets dumped everywhere and every time? Such ongoing bad luck happens only when there are envious people around you who detest you and who do not want you to become successful. Since such people cannot stop you directly from looking out for a job so they try a cunning tactic, instead. They spend money to hire a black magician to spoil your career prospects. The result is that all the roads to your success get blocked through evil energies and no matter how much you try you may never be able to tackle the problem alone. Another example of ongoing bad luck can be the frequent altercations between couples. Which couple would not like to live happily together?  However, if their marital bliss has been blocked by a black magician, then, however much they may try to save their marriage but they will fail to do so. One of the signs of black magic is that suddenly people change their attitude without any sound reason. Foe example, a married couple who has been erstwhile living in complete harmony and bliss, will start quarrelling all of a sudden. Tempers will rise and they may be at each other’s throat every now and then. So how can such irrational behavior be explained? Definitely someone has played the dirty trick of using black magic to break their marriage. The earlier they understand the problem the better for them. As the saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. If they attribute the sudden bitterness in their marriage to some other so-called rational and scientific’ factor such as mood swings, a bad deal in business making the husband easily irritable and so on and so forth so the outcome will be definitely drastic. The underlying problem of back magic will get a chance to intensify and grow, thereby aggravating the problem and worsening it. The Holy Quran says in Surah Baqarah, verse 102:

“….Whenever these two angels taught black art to anyone, they would always give a clear warning beforehand, saying, ‘We are merely a trial for you; so do not commit blasphemy,- but in spite of this warning those people used to learn from the angels the art which caused division between husband and wife- Although it was obvious that they could not do any harm to anyone by means of this magic without Allah’s permission yet they learnt that art which could not be profitable even for them but was actually harmful. Moreover, they knew it fully well that anyone, who purchased that art, would have no share in the Hereafter’.

This Surah shows that some evil people had learnt the black art even though they were warned that this art was being accessible to them just to test them whether they obey Allah (swt) or they try to create mischief in the world by creating division between married couples (and ruining their eternal life, in the bargain).
So this post was an attempt to explain the difference between a naturally occurring one-time bad luck and a black magic induced ongoing bad luck. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from irreversible damage done by black magic, we should become alert if we notice that good luck is eluding us again and again.

remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post, I shall throw light on the reason why some of us experience bad luck in life. Being a Muslim it is our duty to try to see things in their proper perspective, i.e. in the light of Islam. If we deviate even slightly from the Islamic philosophy then we may be always groping in the dark.

Some people attribute bad luck to their stars. However, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘The evil eye is real and if anything can overtake Divine Decree (al-Qadar) it would be the evil eye’. (Muslim). As far as overtaking Divine Decree is concerned we know that it is simply not possible. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has mentioned about this in the hadith simply to stress the fact that evil eye can be extremely harmful. The extent to which a person can be harmed by evil eye may need a separate post. In a nutshell, evil eye can induce bad luck by causing hordes of physical, mental, educational, marital and financial problems.

The Holy Quran has also testified the truth about evil eye in Surah: 113, verse: 5:
“..and from the evil of the envier, when he envies’.

The phenomenon of evil eye is not only related to mankind but also to the jinnat. Evil eye can be caused by both mankind as well as the jinnat. This has been proved by a hadith which goes like this:

“It has been narrated by Umm Salamah (ra) that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) saw in her house a slave girl and on her face was As-safaa’ah. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Seek ruqyah for her for verily she is afflicted by a look (evil eye)’. Al-Bukhari -5739.
Acording to the Islamic scholars the word As-safaa’ah means the evil eye from the jinn.
This proves that the jinnat can also afflict us with evil eye.

As far as the evil eye by mankind is concerned, it refers to the negative vibrations coming from the envious person, intentionally or unintentionally, towards the victim. The victim, thus, gets afflicted by the evil eye and the negative vibrations can prove to be quite destructive for the victim. Evil eye from mankind has become very common nowadays due to the rise in the competitiveness, materialism, egotism, greed and jealousy in the society.
On the other hand, if a person gets possessed or affected by a jinnat or a demon then this is a kind of an evil eye affliction from the jinnat.
Generally speaking, a victim can be afflicted with an evil eye through a look, thought and through black magic. Black magic involves the use negative energies in order to afflict the victim with an evil eye of jinn.

The bottom line is that rather than planetary positions, past mistakes or some other superstitious reason it is actually the evil eye (whether of mankind of jinnat) which plays a critical role in our life. The hadith which I had mentioned above in this post also shows that evil eye does exist. If left untreated, the problem of evil eye and black magic can prove to be lethal and it can bring about persistent bad luck.  

remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Assalam oalaikum,

We have often heard of wind chimes, gold fish; three-legged frog having a coin in its mouth, good luck charms, mystical amulets and scores of other such things which are used for warding off bad luck. However, I have made it clear in my previous posts that from the Islamic viewpoint; bad luck can be attributed to evil eye and black magic and all the negative vibrations and negative energies revolve around these two factors. Hence, the greatest challenge before us is to effectively deal with the problem of evil eye and black magic In an Islamic way, in order to avert bad luck.

The Holy Quran and the ahadith are full of evidences about the real cure of evil eye and black magic. Instead of relying heavily on superstitions which I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, we should try to get rid of evil eye and black magic in an Islamic way.

As far as the problem of evil eye is concerned, there are numerous prayers from the ahadith by reading which we can get rid of it its ill-effects. However, there are some people who are more prone to getting affected by evil eye, such as the children. Therefore, some parents consider it wise to make their children permanently wear a taweez or amulet, which has some Quranic verses on it.
As far as black magic is considered, though it is a spiritual disease yet like any other physical disease, it also needs to be diagnosed at an early stage. Early diagnosis makes the cure easier.

In Black magic spell remove with Quran I have explained the various symptoms of black magic. If a person experiences any of these so it would be wiser for him or her not to take them lightly. Carelessness of any sort in matters related to black magic can prove to be life-threatening. Therefore, if a person has some idea that he is under a black magic spell then he should take action immediately.

There are many amongst us who are passionate readers and may have plenty of information about the various home remedies through the many sites on the internet. We can also collect lots of information about the various natural antibiotics, herbs and other natural remedies. In case, such people suffer from a minor health problem then they can easily cure that ailment without seeking any professional help. However, if the ailment is severe or if there is a severe bacterial infection then the use of antibiotics becomes imperative. Obviously, it is not possible for a layman, however well-informed he or she might be, to decide which antibiotic would be suitable to control the infection. In other words, a person needs to seek professional help when the problem is serious.
In the case of black magic also the same thing may occur. Sometimes the severity and the degree of the black magic attack can be less. In such cases the victim maybe able to deal with the situation himself. However, this does not imply that if the black magic attack is a minor one than being able to thwart that attack oneself maybe a cakewalk. The following things need to be kept in mind in self-treatment of minor black magic spells/attacks:
An in-depth knowledge about the phenomenon of black magic
knowledge about the various Quranic verses which are effective in curing black magic
The cunning tactics of black magic jinnat and ways of dealing with them.
Leading one’s life according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)
Offering Salaah punctually.
Reading Quran and listening to it.

In a nutshell, if a layman takes on the responsibility of curing his black magic problem on his own then he or she should try to fulfill all the obligatory acts of worship such as Salaah and also spend time in the remembrance of Allah (swt).   The various Islamic prayers for curing black magic can be easily accessed through books on black magic or through websites related to black magic.
However, if the black magic spell is powerful, or if there are more than one black magician after you or more importantly if your enemy has decided to continuously attack you with black magic, then one is left with no other option besides seeking the help of a spiritual healer. In cases of powerful black magic attacks the problem gets out of hand of a naïve victim and it is impossible for him to handle the situation all by himself. It becomes imperative for such a victim to seek the help of Muslim spiritual healers, who are trained and specialized in dealing with such cases. Just like doctors are trained to cure physical ailments, likewise, a Muslim spiritual healer is also trained in curing spiritual ailments such as black magic and evil eye.

remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Assalam oalaikum,

I have discussed in my previous post that if the black magic being done on a target is aggressive and persistent then no matter how pious the target maybe, it will be a Herculean task for him to handle the situation alone. In simple words, black magic is a disease like any other disease, the only difference being that it has a spiritual element to it. I shall point out the similarities between black magic and other physical ailments in order to make the picture clear:
Early diagnosis of black magic makes its treatment easier just like it happens in case of physical ailments.
When a person consults a good doctor he feels that he is in safe hands and his recovery also becomes quick. Similarly, the more powerful and experienced is the spiritual healer, whom the black magic victim consults, the faster will be the cure, just like it happens in case of a doctor.
There are some cases of fraud medical practitioners who can easily break the trust of people. However, the fact remains that by and large; the medical field has a vast number of well-trained doctors who behave in an ethical way and a person can put his trust in them. Similarly, in the field of black magic also there are some quacks that are in this business only to make money, by hook or by crook. However, the presence of some quack spiritual healers cannot undermine the genuine and trustworthy ones.
Self-treatment in some cases can prove to be risky. Likewise, if a person does not seek the help of a spiritual healer or an amil, then he can get into a dangerous situation.
Generally, when people realize that they are suffering from some ailment so they usually take the advice of their friends or relatives regarding the best doctor whom they should consult. Nobody would like to settle for less when it comes to treatment so they try to choose the best doctor available. Similarly, in the case of black magic also it is wisest to consult an amil who is experienced and powerful. Settling for less in this case can also prove to be quite risky. Only a powerful amil can tackle a powerful black magician, effectively.

This was a general comparison between an ordinary physical disease and a spiritual one- like evil eye and black magic. Once a black magic victim realizes that he has to take the help of an amil or a Muslim spiritual healer then he should understand a few things at the onset so that he does not get fooled around:
Firstly, identifying the right spiritual healer is necessary. There are many quacks who pose as spiritual healers but they may simply be selling fake stones at exorbitant sums to their gullible clients.
Some fake spiritual healers may try to misguide their gullible clients into taking revenge and by reversing the spell cast on them by the black magician. This involves a lot of dangers. I have explained about the risks of such spell reversals 
Last but not the least, there are some quacks who know well that the magician may be after a victim continuously and the problem may be severe. Yet, they do not try to get to the root of the problem. They simply provide temporary relief to the victim. When the black magician strikes back again, they charge money again and then repeat their fraudulent practice.

In a nutshell, the problem of black magic needs to be tackled at its roots and in a holistic manner. There are many inexperienced or fraud doctors who try con their patients on a long-term basis by not curing their disease completely. Similarly, the fraud spiritual healers also do not completely solve the black magic problems of their clients so that the clients keep coming back to them again and again.
A genuine and experienced spiritual healer knows how he can provide his clients with the maximum satisfaction in the least time frame and without having to pay through the nose, again and again. Moreover, a genuine spiritual healer will also use a holistic approach in dealing with black magic due to the complexity of this issue. On the other hand, the fake healers rather than solving the problem are more preoccupied by trying to impress their clientele by using technical jargon of their field.
Therefore, in order to get rid of bad luck the victim of black magic should seek counseling and professional help from a spiritual healer who is powerful, experienced and genuine.

remember me in your prayers
amel soname