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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

I have discussed in my previous post that if the black magic being done on a target is aggressive and persistent then no matter how pious the target maybe, it will be a Herculean task for him to handle the situation alone. In simple words, black magic is a disease like any other disease, the only difference being that it has a spiritual element to it. I shall point out the similarities between black magic and other physical ailments in order to make the picture clear:
Early diagnosis of black magic makes its treatment easier just like it happens in case of physical ailments.
When a person consults a good doctor he feels that he is in safe hands and his recovery also becomes quick. Similarly, the more powerful and experienced is the spiritual healer, whom the black magic victim consults, the faster will be the cure, just like it happens in case of a doctor.
There are some cases of fraud medical practitioners who can easily break the trust of people. However, the fact remains that by and large; the medical field has a vast number of well-trained doctors who behave in an ethical way and a person can put his trust in them. Similarly, in the field of black magic also there are some quacks that are in this business only to make money, by hook or by crook. However, the presence of some quack spiritual healers cannot undermine the genuine and trustworthy ones.
Self-treatment in some cases can prove to be risky. Likewise, if a person does not seek the help of a spiritual healer or an amil, then he can get into a dangerous situation.
Generally, when people realize that they are suffering from some ailment so they usually take the advice of their friends or relatives regarding the best doctor whom they should consult. Nobody would like to settle for less when it comes to treatment so they try to choose the best doctor available. Similarly, in the case of black magic also it is wisest to consult an amil who is experienced and powerful. Settling for less in this case can also prove to be quite risky. Only a powerful amil can tackle a powerful black magician, effectively.

This was a general comparison between an ordinary physical disease and a spiritual one- like evil eye and black magic. Once a black magic victim realizes that he has to take the help of an amil or a Muslim spiritual healer then he should understand a few things at the onset so that he does not get fooled around:
Firstly, identifying the right spiritual healer is necessary. There are many quacks who pose as spiritual healers but they may simply be selling fake stones at exorbitant sums to their gullible clients.
Some fake spiritual healers may try to misguide their gullible clients into taking revenge and by reversing the spell cast on them by the black magician. This involves a lot of dangers. I have explained about the risks of such spell reversals 
Last but not the least, there are some quacks who know well that the magician may be after a victim continuously and the problem may be severe. Yet, they do not try to get to the root of the problem. They simply provide temporary relief to the victim. When the black magician strikes back again, they charge money again and then repeat their fraudulent practice.

In a nutshell, the problem of black magic needs to be tackled at its roots and in a holistic manner. There are many inexperienced or fraud doctors who try con their patients on a long-term basis by not curing their disease completely. Similarly, the fraud spiritual healers also do not completely solve the black magic problems of their clients so that the clients keep coming back to them again and again.
A genuine and experienced spiritual healer knows how he can provide his clients with the maximum satisfaction in the least time frame and without having to pay through the nose, again and again. Moreover, a genuine spiritual healer will also use a holistic approach in dealing with black magic due to the complexity of this issue. On the other hand, the fake healers rather than solving the problem are more preoccupied by trying to impress their clientele by using technical jargon of their field.
Therefore, in order to get rid of bad luck the victim of black magic should seek counseling and professional help from a spiritual healer who is powerful, experienced and genuine.

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