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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

As I have discussed in my previous post, bad luck is primarily associated with the evil eye and black magic. There are umpteen effects of such black magic/ evil eye induced bad luck. The list is quite exhaustive. However, I shall try to mention as many as possible in this post. The umpteen e
ffects will give you a fair idea about the extent to which one’s life may get ruined by the black magic induced bad luck.
However, I can only tell you about the effects of bad luck but it is up to you try to understand them and differentiate them from normal incidences. A certain amount of experience and reasoning may help you to understand whether the problems which you are facing have got any thing to do with black magic or not.

For example, not many people know that one of the symptoms of black magic is the appearance of black or blue bruises. Whenever such a bruise appears on the skin a novice tries to ignore it as a normal bruise. However, lack of awareness about black magic can prove to be dangerous. When a bruise appears due to black magic, people who do not know about this symptom of black magic simply ignore it. However, they do not stop and think that how can a bruise appear on the skin all of a sudden, without their getting hurt. Under normal circumstances, blue and black bruises can appear either due to a bump or a fall. However, the people who suffer from black magic simply ignore this symptom, thereby, alleviating their problem, due to lack of awareness.

According to a hadith, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘A believer is not bitten from the same hole twice’. (Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad and Abu Daood). This hadith shows that a Muslim should be very cautious and if he gets tricked once by his enemies then he should not fall into the trap again. So if a person is harmed by some envious enemy, through black magic, so he should try to seek protection from black magic’s harmful effects so that if the enemy strikes back again then the person will not get harmed. In a nutshell, protecting oneself from black magic induced bad luck requires awareness about black magic, caution and seeking protection from black magic.
Here is another example: when a spell is cast on a victim to ruin his health by causing cancer of some other dreadful disease then the first trick which is used by the black magic jinnat is to weaken their victim’s immune system. Unless the immune system is affected and weakened the body can easily protect it self from diseases. Therefore, the cunning jinnat employed by the black magicians try every trick in the book to change the diet patterns of the victim. They may send thoughts across his or her mind to make him start eating less on some pretext or the other.  Lack of proper nourishment may weaken the immune system, thereby, making the victim susceptible to life-threatening diseases. The evil forces such as the black magic jinnat cannot actually stop one from eating by using force just like they cannot stop a person from offering Salaah by using force. Instead, they use cunning tactics for stopping a person from offering Salaah such as putting thoughts into his mind, such as, ‘There is a lot of pending work on hand, so finish that first’. Or else they may dissuade a person by sending thoughts such as, ‘You know that so many hypocrites also offer Salaah just to show people that they are very pious. So why do you try to be so punctual in offering Salaah when such evil sort of people are also offering Salaah in a punctual way?’ Likewise, they can prevent a person from eating properly by using such cunning tactics.

Therefore, one should be vigilant as well as aware about the cunning ploys of Satan and his companions who can try to bring bad luck on their victims through black magic.
Here are some of the umpteen effects of bad luck induced by black magic:
Career gets jeopardized and income blocked
Chronic health problems and constant headaches.
Depression and suicidal tendencies
Problems in getting a suitable marriage proposal
Marital discord
Difficulty in conceiving a child
Abnormal behavior
Unnatural death
Disruption, irregularity or painful periods.
Medicines become ineffective which makes the doctors use strong medicines.
Disabled children
Loss of appetite.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the ice berg.
There are far too many problems associated with black magic. However, the main point which one should bear in mind is that bad luck induced by black magic is like a disease, which if not detected in its initial stage, can spread and cause much harm. Therefore, awareness, caution and seeking protection from black magic is the best formula which can help us tide over the crisis of bad luck.

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