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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,
Sometimes our life sails smoothly and we feel quite happy and satisfied. Our life keeps moving ahead in the right direction and there are no hurdles in our path. When we are going through such a good phase in our life all our plans materialize quickly. We may never have the feeling of being caught in a rut. Everything seems to be hunky dory. In such good phases of our life, there are positive energies around us. So neither do we ever feel blue nor frustrated.
However, it may happen somehow that these positive energies get replaced by the negative ones and everything becomes topsy turvy, all of a sudden.
As far as the positive and negative energies are concerned we n
eed to understand them in a clear cut way. There is no need to confuse this concept by looking at it from other perspectives than the Islamic one. In simple words, the energies which are transmitted to us by the Quranic verses, as in a Ruqyah, are positive energies. Therefore, these positive energies can be healing and they are utilized by the Raqis (spiritual healers) in curing the patients.
On the other hand, the energies which are evil and which belong to Satan or his companions can be clubbed together as the negative energies.  Such negative energies also include the evil jinnat/devils, which are subservient to Satan and his companions, such as black magicians and are at their beck and call. Such evil jinnat possess negative energies as they are not followers of Allah (swt) but they are the followers of Satan. They have no fear of Allah (swt) and they can bring bad luck to their target at the instance of a black magician. When we hear someone say that his or her success has been blocked by negative energies then this statement implies that the person is under the negative influence of black magic devils, which spread negative energies in the life of any innocent person. By doing so they not just block their victim’s success in life but they can also affect the other aspects of his life, such as his health, family life, reputation, sanity, marriage etc. The black magic devils are ruthless and stubborn and they do not hesitate in even taking their target’s life if they are ordered to do so by a black magician.
If a person meets with a car accident then his friends and acquaintances might say that, “He had a stroke of bad luck on that fateful day. There were others with him as well in his car but all of them managed to escape unhurt”.
 If we analyze this situation then we may realize that mishaps such as these are caused only as a result of either evil eye or black magic, where the black magician wants his victim to become crippled.
Here is a hadith to substantiate my point:
The author of Nayl-a-Awtar said that Al-Bazzar narrated with a hasan isnad i.e. sound chain of narrators from Jabir (ra) that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Most of those who die amongst my Ummah (followers) die because of the Will and Decree of Allah and then because of evil eye’.
The evil eye which can affect us to such a great extent is of two types. Firstly, it can be caused by human beings and secondly it can be caused by the jinnat. So what appears to be a stroke of bad luck are actually negative energies or the black magic jinnat who try to harm their victim.
A problem recognized is a problem half-solved. Therefore, if we know the actual reason behind our so-called bad luck then we can also be able to do away with our problems. However, if we do not try to strike at the root cause of our bad luck then we can never get rid of it.
Further in this blog, I shall Inshallah discuss about the other facets of bad luck and how can we emerge triumphant.

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Anonymous said...

Asalam Alikum sir

I am Surgeon by profession.

I along with rest of my family is having lot of bad luck for last 3 years.

1. I failed in a exam/paper. which i suppose to pass as i have never failed before in my life.
2. i have restless soul and mind. bad things attract me more.
3.any carrer oppurtunity comes near and then go away.
4. distubance of family life.
5. deppresion and anxity.
6. my brother is a competent person but he is having issues with job and health.
7. my mother is having bad and harsh relationship with her brother and rest of the family

Previously we lived a happy life, kindly tell me is this effect of some magic/evil eye or is something as.
who is my enemy ? why he did this? treatment ?
please help me !!!
Thank you

manzoor said...

Sir, I was best in education and in luck too. But from previous many years I am suffering from problems. I am seeking job from many years and could not get good grades in education too. Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

As salamu allaiqum
Can you really help I have bad luck all the time family problems nothing works out for me lost my job husband
Left me.

Majeed said...

Assalam-0-Alaikum Amel,

I am reading articles from you which are very educating and interesting.
I am very bad lucky and have major road blocks.
When I do performing Salah or read the Quran, I would stop doing these religious things for lack of desire.
Please tell me how to keep my faith and remove my bad luck.
Also, why don't I have the faith.